Annual Pest Service

What we do on our annual pest control service is we first treat the attic and plumbing areas with a dust. We then treat all entry points and hiding areas, around windows and doors, with an odorless liquid. We then will treat all exterior of home, eaves, around windows, doors and weep holes. We also treat the garage area. We cover all insects and rats and mice. We do not cover termites in this service. However we do check for termites and we will let you know when you get them or when they are visible. Each home is priced by square footage. Please call with this information for a free estimate. Inspection and questions are always free. See our coupon section for discounts.

Subterranean Termite Treatment

When we treat for termites we use the best products available to give each customer the ultimate treatment available . We have all levels of treatments available, Full, Partial, and spot treatments. Call us for details. See our coupon section for discounts.

Yard Services

Yard services are available as well: we treat for fire ants, fleas and ticks. Call for pricing information.

WDI Reports

For real estate transactions we do have wood destroying insect activity reports, we also provide spot treatments for these inspections. Call us for pricing information.

We do provide special treatment for insects and rats as needed. Call for pricing information.

Action Pest Services agrees to provide treatment applications to control pest in accordance with terms and conditions of our agreements. All labor and materials will be furnished to provide the most efficient pest service and maximum safety required by federal, state and city regulations.

Action Pest Services is not liable for any pest damage after service.